Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pregnant women should eat snails?

Snails not only help restore the health, circulation of blood but also provide for an abundant of nutrient and it is essential for Pregnant women.

Many people believe that Pregnant women shouldn’t eat snails because they’re afraid of their child have salivas. But the fact, this is misconception. In composition of snail have multiple vitamins as B2, PP, A, ect.. and Proteins, fats, cacbua hydrat, irons, calciums. Large edible snail contains 1.357mg calcium, and 11,9g protein, helix contains 1.356mg calcium and 12,2g protein. And this is a source of protein and calcium. It is very well for Pregnant women.

Snails can be processed into nutritious food and it is very good for heathy as snails steam with leaf ginger, snail with green bananas, nem cooking fried snails, sour snails soup. Those are the remedy to recover quickly heathy, helps circulation of blood. However, digestive disorders in a long time, people with long ulcer doesn’t heal…ect. They should abstain or to eat snails.

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