Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How does Junk Food Affect your Fitness

The food that you eat is responsible for the health and fitness and this healthy food includes fresh fruits and vegetables and it is important to follow a balanced diet plan to obtain all the necessary nutrients for the body. There was a time when all the people gave too much vitality to the health by consuming healthy foods but with the changing times, people have minimum time left for tending to the needs of the body and survive on unhealthy fast food also called junk food. These foods are prepared in such a way that it lures the people into eating them without realizing the harmful effects that they bring about. Following are the negative effects of eating junk food.

  • The nitrates, nitrites and artificial sweeteners are added in the processed meat to preserve it. These compounds increase the blood flow and can cause a possible migraine attack which may sometimes become unbearable.
  • A single cola is said to contain as many as ten teaspoons of sugar which is quite harmful to those who follow a weight loss and diabetes is also a possible harm it can cause.
  • The other junk food like pizzas and burgers contain too much of Trans fats which can cause obesity in men. There are least nutrients in these junk foods and are loaded with calories.
  • The amounts of cholesterol in the hydrogenated oil content present in the junk food makes it more harmful as the cholesterol can accrue up in the arteries and can cause a blockage. When this condition reaches extreme levels, it can result in heart attack which can even be fatal.
  • Possibilities of cancers are also heavy and this fact can be attributed to the chemical preservatives and artificial flavors that are added to enhance the taste of these foods.
  • When children and adults consume too much of junk food, cases like clinical depression can also occur which can become quite an issue to handle. Depression can further lead to various complications in the health.
  • There are also studies that have suggested that the excessive consumption of junk food can lead to brain anomalies that are related to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The huge amount of salts present in the fast foods can also give rise to a raised blood pressure apart from the other heart related diseases. The sodium present in these foods can cause water retention too.
  • It can also be said that eating junk foods is entirely useless. Except satisfying your hunger, it does nothing good as there are no nutrients in them that are required for one’s health.
  • The fat that is built up around the liver can cause serious damage to the liver too.

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