Friday, February 24, 2012

4 foods reduce cholesterol effectively

Cholesterol is a frightening disease because it has absolutely no expression but caused terrible cardiovascular complications. However, the room unless it is very simple.

Green sprouts: help push cholesterol out

Green beans is inherently a good cholesterol lowering food prices up during germ, vitamin C may be higher than 6.7 times the concentration of capital in the green beans. University of vitamin C can promote the excretion of cholesterol, prevent cholesterol buildup in the artery wall.

Fiber in green sprouts can help eliminate the waste in the body, may also be associated with cholesterol metabolism and cholesterol into cholic acid elimination from the body, thereby reducing low-level cholesterol.

Sweet cool green sprouts, rich in water, can also reduce the day, food is indispensable in reducing fat, regulate fat.

Apples: absorb excess cholesterol

Apples are "fat reduction" that we least expect to, work to reduce the fat of apples from the apple pectin rich, this is a water-soluble fiber, can combine with bile acids, like sponges to absorb excess cholesterol and helps eliminate it from the body.

Pectin can also be combined with other substances such as vitamin C, sugar to lower cholesterol, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of blood to the body fat.

In addition, acetic acid apples resolution is also beneficial for the resolution of cholesterol exchange and triglycerides.

Salmon: reduce Triglycerides (triglycerides)

The rich salmon contain unsaturated fatty acids, may lower blood levels of triglycerides, and can enhance elasticity to blood vessels. In freshwater fish, carp are also introduced with food to reduce cholesterol.

Carp despite high fat, but mostly unsaturated fatty acids, can help all except "filth" in the blood vessels, lower cholesterol.

Chicken without the skin: the majority can reduce fat

Compared with red meat such as pigs, cows and goats, the meat and poultry (white meat) contain many unsaturated fatty acids, more preferable to those with abnormal blood fat levels.

However, when eating poultry without the skin must be given, in which chicken is the best protein sources, after the skin, the majority can eliminate the amount of fat, the meat is first choice in the type poultry.

Meat of ducks, though perhaps without the skin, but still quite large amounts of fat, eat less.

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