Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Few Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

There are many foods to eat to lose weight fast and they are beneficial because they give you the nutrition you need plus keep you filled longer. Here are but a few of them for you to consider.

ApplesApples can be set apart from other fruits and vegetables among the foods to eat to lose weight fast because they have pectin. It has been discovered that pectin helps to prevent your body from absorbing excessive fat cells plus it aids in the release of existing fat cells.

BeansThey are good foods to eat to lose weight fast because they are high in fiber and fill you up quickly. Not only do they fill you quickly but they remain in your stomach longer keeping you from getting hunger that oftentimes leads to snacking. They are an excellent protein source as well. All this is in addition to being easy on the budget.

OatmealJust as with beans, oatmeal is loaded with fiber, fills you up, and keeps you that way longer. Oatmeal is also beneficial as one of the foods to eat to lose weight fast because it keeps energy levels high and you can even eat it one to two hours before exercising. Steer away from flavored oatmeal that you will find in convenient packets because it is loaded with sugar.

Fish is one of the good foods to eat to lose weight fast because certain types make your body sensitive to leptin which is a hormone that burns fat. The types of fish beneficial for this include sardines, salmon, and tuna.
Other Foods with Dietary Fiber
We already mentioned beans and oatmeal but there are other foods to eat to lose weight fast that are loaded with dietary fiber. These are foods such as lentils, bananas, whole grain breads, and potatoes. They also make you feel full longer plus digest slowly so as not cause insulin spikes which lead to fat storage.
Soup is among the foods to eat to lose weight fast because it can fill you before a meal thus you will eat less of the main course. Soups that are good for this are those with broth. The creamy soups are loaded with calories and not recommended.
Raw Vegetables
The simple reason why raw vegetables belongs to the group of foods to eat and lose weight fast is because they have more volume, water, and fill you up faster. Cooked vegetables shrink thus you will eat more per serving.
As mentioned previously, there are many more foods to eat to lose weight fast however what you have just seen will give you a great starting point.


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