Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weight loss is mostly about fixing your diet

Almost all people have diet is not correct. If you want lose weight, Please fixing your diet now.


1. Stop eating foods with added sugar.
2. Stop eating starchy foods (cereals , bread, potatoes , rice, etc)
3. Stop eating processed carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cereal, etc.)
4. Specifically avoid foods “low fat”, almost always replace the fat with sugar.
Should do..
1. Eating more fresh vegetables, berries, nuts and some fresh fruit.
Sure you get plenty of fiber , fat and protein. They slow down digestion and make you fill full longer and help avoid hunger.
This type of diet is good for your whole family. Get your kids to eat healthy now started to not turn into fat .
2. Exercise with your children.
For exercise, the most effective fat loss is strength training. Take walks, hiking, jogging, etc. make it a game. Go bicycling together, play football, whatever. You get to spend some quality time with the kids and help establish a healthy routine of exercise for them .
For many children today only exercise their thumbs (X -box , PlayStation , etc. )
You and your children may find that you really enjoy exercise together . I often see families jogging or biking, younger children tend to have big smiles on their faces.
3. You need not go to the gym.
If you have time , the best exercises to do are strength training .You can probably start with body weight exercises, or running for lose weight.
4. Calisthenics works just as well as weights : squats , lunges , planks, etc. You do not all have to do these all at once .
5. Do some pushups, then tidy up a bit , make some tables, and then start working on dinner, etc. The boards are a great way to get rid of the feeling of hunger .

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